Amazing Advances In The Medical Field For 2014

Last year was a great year for the medical field with numerous health innovations and discoveries helping humans live a better, longer, and healthier life. With these great discoveries, better and more effective medical solutions became possible. Some of the medical breakthroughs that really stood out last year were:

imagesBionic Eye

Although the bionic eye was actually introduced in 2013, it was last year that it made headlines due to the amazing developments for this technology. Dramatic improvements were done and finally, in 2014, the bionic eye allowed the legally and permanently blind to see. One of the patients that used the new and improved bionic eye said that the bionic eye is one of the great things that ever happened to him after being blind for more than 33 years. Technically known as the Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System, the bionic eye became the first ever implanted device developed to treat retinitis pigmentosa – one of the main causes of blindness.

Heart Transplant Using A Dead Heart

We all know that to make a transplant successful, the donor must be alive. However, in 2014, this all changed when a team of medical scientists in Australia revived a heart that already stopped beating from a cadaver and then successfully transplanted the heart to a patient. The medical breakthrough created history for first ever heart transplant using a dead heart.

The heart that was transplanted already stopped beating for 20 minutes. The heart was placed inside a machine called the ‘heart in a box’. The machine supplies the heart with oxygen and once the heart is removed from the box, it is injected with a preservation solution formulated to keep the organ fresh.

downloadProsthesis That Allow Accurate Muscle Movements

Another amazing breakthrough in the medical field is the development of more advanced prosthetic arms that allow more accurate movements by translating electrical signals from the muscles. Last May, the FDA approved the distribution of such advanced prosthetic arms in the market. Called the DEKA Arm System, the prosthesis allows better movement control through electromyogram electrose. With this technology, people with amputations can now get prosthetic replacement for the missing arms that actually work like the real arms. People using the advanced prosthetics revealed that they can better perform tasks like move objects, hold stuffs, shake hands, and eat.

download (1)Longer Preservation of Transplant Lungs Outside the Body

Last year, another medical history was made when transplant specialists in Belgium were able to preserve lungs outside the body for a full 11 hours – the longest so far in medical history. The longer preservation time was possible due to the OCS LUNG – a machine designed to store and preserve lungs for a longer period of time by supplying the organ with oxygen. According to a report, the lungs have been successfully preserved without negative effects to the organ.

Measles Vaccine Causing Cancer Remission

If you are a cancer patient, the best thing you would ever hear or the main thing that you would usually pray for is the term ‘remission’, which means that cancer cells in your body decreased or disappeared. In one amazing case of a woman, a measles vaccine overdosed led to a complete remission of her blood cancer. According to the patient, she was injected with a huge amount of measles vaccine and the vaccine targeted and killed all the cancer cells in the blood.

Lead researchers believed that this amazing medical breakthrough is a start of a more advanced and significant discoveries in cancer treatments for the coming years. With this discovery, cancer medicine will probably be finally discovered in the near future.

Aside from these amazing breakthroughs, there are other many discoveries in the medical field that made healthcare and treatments more effective. These discoveries helped a lot in providing people that need medical attention more medical options for effective treatments of various serious diseases.